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Return Merchandise Authorization

Goods Return Terms and Conditions

Before proceeding to give back any kind of material, you have to send a request to Mr. Matteo Pagliai , mail address , and you will receive back the authorization number that must be written on the box that is sent back and on the document of transport too.
Without that number our logistic magazine is not allowed to receive any gods.

The delivery to our magazin is upon client , if there ins't any different agreement with our commercial office.  


− on the shipping document there must be written which is the problem. − veryfing material generates a fixed cost of € 35,00 − all material that are sent back to Italsime must be clean ( no material inside ). In case we have to clean the cost is 35 €/hour − the cost will be charged even if material will not be repaired − in case of warranty no cost will be charged ( eventually only the cost of cleaning ) − the repair must be accepted by client : after 15 days if client is not replying us what to do we will give back the god NOT REPAIRED and we will invoice client with the above costs


− we will give credit note for all wrong gods that we sent to client due to our error − for credit note due to gods that were ordered by mistake from client, we will grant credit note deducting 15% of the value ( minimum € 20,00 )

Please inform all your workers about this new procedure.
For every question regarding new procedure please contact with Mr. Matteo Pagliai by mail or by telephone.

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