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Aim of our company are all those installations that requires system of aspiration or filtration and pneumatic tranpsort.
We are able to afford wentylators for different type of industry : wood industry, glass industry, textile industry, metallurgic and mechanic industries.
We are also looking for partners, resellers and distributors worldw


We grant after sell assistance, and full personal assistance for client for different purposes : installation of sites , calibrating of impellers on site or at our warehouse, helping in projecting and developing solutions.


The percentage of returned goods is negligible. Our fans and all other products achieve 99% reliability. Our production includes: industrial centrifugal and axial fans, rotary valves and related accessories.

About Us

Company Italsime was born 40 years ago as producer of electric three-phase motors, standard and special. After a few years we started reselling industrial wentylators and centrifugal fans. In this way we started cooperation with producres of fan and we started increase our knowledge regarding problems and solutions connected to what clients needed. In the 80's we started our production of first series of wentylators.

In 1990 we started  producing the first stainless steel fans, anti-wear. In 1998 we started producing fans  ATEX (anti explosion proof). The 2000 is the year of great change that marks the beginning of export and the release of the first automated systems for the production: welding robots for impellers, laser cutting and automatic machines for preforming of the fans crates.

In 2012 we started producing fans according to the ErP Directive. The goal of the ErP Directive 2009/125 / EC is to reduce the energy consumption of electro-mechanical products , related to a eco-compatible design and project of the fan.

This brings Italsime to produce a high energy-saving products for the benefit of consumption. Simply, nowadays according to all our experience, Italsime fans make 20% more flow and pressure, than those previously produced.

The fan structures are built with techniques of folds and reinforcements designed to give a light and modern shape, yet highly durable, rigid and strong. The inspections of incoming materials, related to structural tests of the finished product, are performed on all fans.

This means a high quality and a total reliability of the product that we are giving to client.
Products can have problem or defect , but it's going out of the factory ! Because of our test all fan delivered to client working in correct way.

The company also uses a computerized three-dimensional modeling systems, which reduces the margin for error in the development of prototypes and standard.

Computer simulations give us operating limits of the product and help us to predict and prevent the weaknesses of structures and impellers. The company provides a complete production cycle: from sheet metal cutting, bending, welding, static and dynamic balancing of rotors to the powder paint drying oven and final test, all controlled internally.
By operating in the suction timber industry, pellets and waste recovery, it also led us to produce other accessories, such as rotary valves, mills and refiners.

These products, since 10 years ago, have developed thanks to customer needs and demands and reflect the qualities of performance and reliability of all Italsime products.
We currently export to more than 20 countries (Europe and outside Europe) both directly and indirectly through our resellers.

Support h24

Our technicians are available for every customer need. Support is guaranteed by telephone assistance and within the time required to reach the location where our product is installed.


Shipping to all countries

We have no difficulty delivering our solutions anywhere in the world. Our packaging preparation techniques are suitable for any transport by land, sea and air.


Quality of the products

All our internal procedures, from the receipt of the order to the shipment of the products sold and all the related production processes comply with the ISO 9001 certification standards which the company uses.

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